Are there any different kinds of online sabong fights?

Useful Tips to Win in Online Sabong

The Different Game Categories of Sabong

As a sabong enthusiast, you’d be interested to know that there are many game categories available. Each of these has different rules and win conditions, so you can choose the one that best suits your playing style. Here is a brief overview of the most popular online sabong categories.

Derby: In this category, there are multiple contestants in the ring at once, where they fight to become the winner. These fights are usually fast-paced and action-packed!

Solo Fight: In Solo Fight, two chickens (single hens or cocks) fight one on one until someone taps out or runs away from the ring.

Steers Fighting: This is similar to Derby, except two steers join the fight instead of chickens. These fights tend to last longer than normal chicken fights and can be quite thrilling to watch!

Team Fight: In Team Fight, two teams compete against each other with up to four birds per team. There’s a lot of strategy involved in this category since it’s all about outsmarting your opponent with tactics and coordination.